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About us

Com’Publics is a public affairs and strategic communications consultancy known for its expertise in the creation and running of think & do tanks.

We follow a cross-cutting, creative and convivial approach to public affairs in order to shake up habits, bring together various points of view and take the debate forward.

Since its creation in 1994, Com’Publics has been driven by the will to bring out ideas and new avenues for reflection and action.
Com’Publics designs and implements tailor-made solutions with creativity and enthusiasm in order to help its clients successfully navigate the challenges of today.


Public affairs consultancy

Com’Publics provides advice to companies, professional organisations, associations and institutions and supports them in developing and executing communications and lobbying strategies towards policymakers.

We work on all aspects of interest representation, from the development of lobbying strategies and the design of influence tools to their implementation at the French local (régions, départements, intercommunalités, villes) and national (French government, parliament, administrations) level.


Our expertise:

• political, institutional, legislative, regulatory, media and competitive landscape monitoring
• stakeholder identification and mapping
• audits and studies
• strategies for developing institutional relationships
• development and animation of networks of influence
• legislative and regulatory lobbying
• institutional communications: drafting of briefing materials, speaking points, positions papers, publishing of institutional material (white papers, proceedings, etc.)
•  event organisation: working meetings, breakfast and diners, roundtables, events at trade fairs, etc.


Coalition lobbying

Based on the observation that even the best proposals need to be defended, Com'Publics has initiated a new way of practicing lobbying by developing thematic think & do tanks.

These think & do tanks are shared lobbying spaces that gather companies (regardless of their size), professional federations or associations, institutions, local authorities, NGOs and local and national policymakers.

Through these think & do tanks, Com'Publics creates favourable conditions for a dialogue between all stakeholders with the aim of developing innovative and concrete proposals.

The think & do tanks are coordinated by Com’Publics consultants, who put their energy and know-how at the service of the goal pursued by each stakeholder coalition.

Com'Publics currently coordinates a dozen think & do tanks.


Intermediation and business development consulting

Com’Publics offers support to companies and local authorities to develop or strengthen decentralised cooperation actions, develop new services, activities, markets, etc.

This support is intended for all types of local authorities and companies, from start-ups to multinationals.

Com'Publics provides its clients with a vast network of investors, insurers, brokers, local banks, investment funds, international lenders, legal advisors, etc. in order to mobilise the relevant contacts and know-how for each situation.



Com'Publics respects the legal obligations related to interests representation and is registered on the French public register of lobbyists, shared by governmental and local authorities and the Parliament.

Marc Teyssier d'Orfeuil, president, and Mathieu la Fay, associated director, are members of the Association Française des Conseils en Lobbying et Affaires Publiques (AFCL) and signatories of the association's code of ethics that you can find here:

All of the consultants are also signatories of a code of ethics.



Our offices are located in Paris:

10 rue de Sèze
75009 Paris

Phone : + 33 1 44 18 14 55