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  • Stirring up ideas

    Why ?

    Com'Publics has been working with many players in the public debate for 30 years. For all that time, we have been driven by a single desire: to generate ideas and new avenues for thought and action.

  • Creating solutions

    Why ?

    Com'Publics provides public and private sector stakeholders with the creativity and enthusiasm to design, develop and implement tailor-made solutions.

  • Provoking debate

    Why ?

    Clubs, think tanks, coalitions, observatories... For 30 years, Com'Publics has been creating forums for debate. We strive to involve as many public and private players as possible in a wide range of social issues.

Com'Publics celebrates its 30th anniversary in:

About us

As an agency specialising in institutional strategy and public affairs, Com'Publics advises, supports and builds tailor-made strategies to meet the challenges faced by its partners. Running themed clubs, organised as "think & do tanks", complements our thirty years of expertise in ongoing dialogue between the public and private sectors.

We follow a cross-cutting, creative and convivial approach to public affairs in order to shake up habits, bring together various points of view and take the debate forward. 


Marc Teyssier d’Orfeuil


Mathieu la Fay

Managing Partner

Isabelle Bobin

Associate General Secretary

Thibaut Moura

Managing Partner

Antoine Armstrong


Margaux de Robillard


Constance Bernard

Artistic Director

Alban de La Selle



Com'Publics complies with the legal obligations regarding the representation of interests with French and European authorities.

All the agency's staff have signed a code of ethics.

Our engagements

Since 2017, Com'Publics has formalised a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

As part of this, several actions have been implemented by the agency.

Public affairs consultancy

Com’Publics provides advice to companies, professional organisations, associations and institutions and supports them in developing institutional communications and lobbying strategies towards French (national and local) and EU policymakers.
We work on all aspects of interest representation, from the development of lobbying strategies and the design of influence tools to their implementation at the local (régions, départements, intercommunalités, villes), national (French government, parliament, administrations) and EU level.

Coalition lobbying

Our renowned expertise

Based on the observation that even the best proposals need to be defended, Com'Publics has initiated a new way of practicing lobbying by developing thematic think & do tanks. These think & do tanks are coalition lobbying spaces that gather companies (regardless of their size), professional federations or associations, institutions, local authorities, NGOs and local and national policymakers.


Intermediation and business development consulting

Com'Publics offers support to companies and local authorities in creating or strengthening decentralised cooperation initiatives, developing new services, new activities, new markets, etc.

Local Lobbying

Com'Publics runs various forums for elected representatives, bringing together many local authorities through the Club des Maires de la Rénovation Urbaine and the Club Cœur de Ville. For over 25 years, we have also been building strong relationships with local elected representatives (cities, départements, regions) through issues linked to other thematic think & do tanks.

Support at the international scale

For several years, Com'Publics has also been working on the African continent and with European Union decision-makers.


For 30 years, Com'Publics has been supporting its clients in their public affairs strategy, as well as through its thematic think & do tanks, which bring together private stakeholders and public decision-makers. Our consultants' expertise and the issues they deal with in different areas of intervention are grouped around six structuring areas :


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